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Argentina: the Making-up

Log Book - Argentina

We liked:

•     As French people, we will make a list of all the meals that we discovered and liked in Argentina : we loved their meat,  their media- lunas (it is like a croissant with a little more sugar and it is delicious!), their home-made ice-cream (won-der-ful…we ate our best ice-cream ever in Argentina!) and to finish their dulce de leche (it seems like caramel marmelade which can be found everywhere in Argentina: in the pastries, in the ice-cream, in the yoghurts and even in the Sundays in Mac Donalds!)…  We loved as well our breakfasts eaten on the rooftop of the “Portal del Sur” Hostel (it was like our “home” during our week in Buenos Aires!). And then, we will never forget the taste of the Brahma : it is a Brazilian beer sold in Argentina. To be honest, when you drink this beer fresh on a rooftop in Buenos Aires, you forget all your problems! (this is what we did to forget the mugging).

•    The Iguazu falls was one of our best moment in Argentina. We spent 2 wonderful days walking around this beauty of the nature.

•    When we met a couple of French backpackers, Eugé and Flo. We spent a few hours hearing their travel stories with a real pleasure… We appreciated as well their support after the mugging. They were here to share a beer with us and to make us forget this bad time in Buenos Aires. We want thank as well Patricio (an Argentin guy that we met 2 months ago in Lima), Rémi, Thibault, Sophie and Elodie for their support.

copie de  dscf0564

The "asados argentinos" (Argentine barbecues).

We didn’t like :

•    The 177 hours spent in the bus to visit the country from North to South (because of the attack in La Boca, we missed our flight to Ushuaïa and then we took the bus to go to Patagonia)…we spent 7 days and a half in a bus, can you believe it?!

•    The Chilean borders: the Chilean custom does a checking of every single bag that the passengers take with them to travel from Argentina to Chile. We had to be patient when we arrived to the border… the worst is when we arrived to the frontier in the night, we had to wait from 2:15 to 3:00 am for the customs control… it was a real nightmare.

•    The fact that we did not enjoy as we should do our day in the Perito Morino National Park. Actually we were still not in the mood to appreciate our trip, we were thinking of the administrative tasks to do because of the mugging... Now we regret for not having enjoyed the beautiful landscape which was in front of us.

•    The fact that we lost all our pictures from Buenos Aires. We will try to keep these pictures in our memory as much time as possible.

Best memories :

•    Delphine’s : our night in the milonga Cathedral in Buenos Aires. We observed all night long the couples of tango dancers plenty of grace and harmony… I escaped the real life for a few hours thanks to this tango music and this nice spectacle. I loved this magical moment.

•    Max’s : when we saw the waterfall and the bassin on the camino del macuco in Iguazu. We were sweating, we were walking for 4 hours when the nature made us a good surprise: A break in a natural and fresh swimming pool!


Perito Moreno glacier

Our favorite :

•    Delphine’s :… I am not very inspired to choose my « favorite one »… so can I repeat again the Argentine meat?   

•    Max’s : If I speak with my heart, I would say the two young hostels where we slept in Buenos Aires and El Calafate (I strongly recommend you these both addresses: Portal del Sur and  Albergue Mochilero). It’s a good place to feel like at home (even if you are in the other side of the ocean), to meet good people and to sympathize with a friendly staff.
But if I speak with my stomach, I would say that my favorite is the bakery in El Calafate.

It made us laugh :

•     The accent in Buenos Aires. When they say « yo », they pronounce « cho »… at the beginning, i twas a real nightmare to try to uderstand the Argentinos from Buenos Aires. It was like a new language!

It did’n make us laugh!

•     Waiting so long time to get our credit card back.

•    The buses quality in Argentina... (Just one example : lunch at 3 :00pm, diner at midnight!).

•    The incompetence of the police in Buenos Aires.

•    Our tango lesson, where I walked every time on Maxime’s feet!!!

We were surprised by :

•     TheMaté culture… This Argentine hot drink is more than a simple « tee », it is part of the Argentine way of life: the Argentine people meets around a maté like Irish people goes to the pub, it is a good excuse to share moment and talk.

•    The desert roads in Patagonia where you meet only an « estancia » (Argentine farm) every 100 km!


A fresh Brahma... A moment of happiness!

Comments (3)
  • Prs
    Quand on voyage , on rencontre des gens merveilleux et parfois des gens sans
    scrupules... pour autant il faut garder la tete haute , vous avez vu et fait de
    si belles choses, et il en reste tant a faire =)

    Courage tout les deux

  • Erwan  - on vous soutient
    Chère Delphine et cher Maxime

    continuez à nous faire rêver dans ces pays lointains qu'on ne visitera peut-être
    jamais, et continuez aussi à aider les gens qui en ont besoin grâce à votre
    association, même si on vous met des bâtons dans les roues. Bonne continuation
    dans la suite de vos projets avec moins d'embuches.
    A bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures
    La Maman d'un élève de CE1 à Chambéry
  • Gigi Gérard
    Nous sommes très contents de retrouver à nouveau vos commentaires et de superbes
    photos. Malgré vos soucis ne perdez pas votre sourire et surtout l'envie de
    poursuivre. Vous vivez une superbe aventure et malheureusement tout ne peut pas
    être parfait. Il y a des requins sur tous les continents et ils n'ont pas
    toujours l'âme sensible mais souvent de grandes poches. Nous pensons beaucoup à
    vous et vous souhaitons des jours meilleurs. Bisous à vous deux.
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