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Log Book - Australia

Sydney city was a wonderful stop of our trip. We did like a lot this town where we could feel a good atmosphere. It seems to be a very nice place to live:
- The parks are plenty of runners and couples in the public benches.
- The architecture is unique with Harbour Bridge (one of the biggest bridge of the world), the House Opera (his shape is very unusual and it’s very spectacular), the quays above the ocean (the city is becoming bigger and bigger thanks to the quays built above the water), the business areas plenty of sky towers, and at last, the old areas where the European settlers used to live at the beginning of the colonization (these streets are very pretty with old buildings and paved roads.
- The attraction park, called Luna Park, is very nice: this park was built in the 30’s.
- The sand beaches are only at a few kilometers of the city centre which is a good solution to escape the urban noises of Sydney for the weekend.

To conclude, if we would have one year to live abroad, I think we would choose Sydney as our new “home”!

During our 3 days trip in Sydney, we walked a lot to discover the city from a side to another. We did enjoy our walk along the quays where we could admire the well-known House Opera. We walked as well over theHarbour Bridge (it was very impressive to walk here, we felt very small indeed on this big bridge!) .We passed across the Botanic Garden when the night was falling: it was a weird moment for us because we did not know that there were bats everywhere in Sydney… During the sunset, we could hear them screaming and flying above our head… their size was impressive (they are 3 times bigger than in Europe).  We were like in Gotham City!
After this nice trip in Sydney, we have a flight to Alice Springs, in the heart of Australia… where we plan to camp and walk… another adventure is waiting for us!

Comments (4)
  • Carine
    Je me demande si une seule personne ayant vécu en Australie n'a pas eu envie d'y
    rester encore et encore! GO!

  • Angelina  - Sydney Darling Harbour & jardin botanique
    coucou vous deux,

    Si vous avez le temps, essayez d aller a Darling Harbour a Sydney (mon endroit
    prefere) pour une promenade a pied.

    Qu est ce que ca me manque, ce n est pas a Dublin que je trouverais ce genre de
    paysage alors prenez en plein les yeux pour moi svp.

    Il y a aussi le jardin botanique qui est sympa a faire avec ses nombreuses
    chauves souris.

    bises, profitez en bien.


  • Maxime J.  - Bonjour !
    Ça fait un petit bout de temps que j'ai pas laissé de comm sur votre blog, mea
    culpa. J'ai cependant été alerté par votre article sur Sydney, puisque
    j'envisage de partir en septembre dans cette belle ville pour une dizaine de
    mois. Visiblement vous avez été emballés, et cela ne fait que confirmer mon
    envie et mon impatience de partir en Australie !

    Je vous souhaite bonne chance et bonne bourre pour la suite de vos aventures mes
    chers ex-Dublinois !

    Grosses bises
  • Le Team  - Hello
    Si vous allez dans la campagne australienne, dites bonjour pour moi à crocodile
    dundee, et faite gaffe à ce que vous mangez: c'est bourré de vitamines, mais ça
    a un goût de chiottes ;)
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