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2 days in Magnetic Island

Log Book - Australia

I am sitting below a coconut tree on the beach of Townsville (the capital of North Queensland) and I want to share with you the nice experience we had in Magnetic Island… We spent 2 days on this island where an eucalyptus forest occupied more than 80% of the land! And in Australia, the word “eucalyptus“ goes always with KOALA. That is why we decided to visit this small island located at 8 kilometers of Townsville’s coasts.

The 19th of May, 6:00 am : After a noisy night (as we slept in a rest area for truck drivers), we woke up early in order to take the first ferry to Magnetic Island. Our backpacks were well prepared (we decided to pass an overnight in the island and leave our van on the car park of the ferry company) and we were ready for 2 days of walking in Magnetic Island. Our plans were: 30 kilometers on foot, discovery of the wild beaches and the Australian wildlife.

7:30 am: we arrived on the island with a small problem: Maxime’s backpack licked, the bottle of water emptied in his bag! So we had been obliged to put all our stuffs on the ground when we were in the quay to let them dry under the sun. All the people were looking at us… At least, they laughed a lot.


8:30 am: we started our bushwalk after having bought a new bottle of water (it’s essential with this tropical climate). We lost our way for 45 minutes in the forest, but it was a good opportunity for us to meet wallabies in their natural environment…

12:00 : we arrived to the campsite!

2:00 pm : To the beach! We spent the afternoon in Horseshoe bay with a wonderful weather. The only thing frustrating in Australia is that you cannot swim wherever you want: there are water stings and crocodiles. So you have to swim inside the area limite by a net.

5:30 pm : We assisted to a very nice sunset on the beach.


Then, we spent a nice evening drinking a beer at the bar and eating the«backpacker’s favourite meal »: pastas! (I should have count how many kilos we ate duirng our worldtrip!). Then on the way back to the tent we met a couple who said “buenas” to us. We answered them “ola” with a big smile, so happy to hear Spanish. Then the women took me by the arm and asked us if we spoke Spanish. We said “yes” and discussed about 20 minutes in Spanish with 2 persons from “El Salvador”. It was such a pleasure for us to speak this language we haven’t heard since we left South America.


Thursday May the 20th, 7.30AM: the birds wake us up pretty early. So we went for a walk where, apparently, we could find Koalas! After one hour, still nothing. We still enjoy the walk by watching the beautiful bays. Suddenly, I saw a little grey thing in a tree. It was a Koala! I called Maxime who was walkinf in front of me and we enjoyed this moment, watching this little koala sleeping in his tree. He was pretty cool and relax. Apparently, a koala can sleep 20hours in the same day! Then he eats and plays a little bit.

3.00PM: we went back to the ferry bay by walking 8kms with our bag pack.

We really enjoyed those 2 days in Magnetic Island in the middle of nature. We felt a real freedom feeling!

For more pictures of Magnetic Island, click here.

Comments (7)
  • laetitia
    c'est énorme! j'en connais plus d'un qui aurait aimé vivre ce moment avec vous!
    gros bisous!
  • Ben & Elo  - Ds petits coins de paradis sur Terre
    Coucou les loulous,

    Vous dénichez vraiment de jolis petits endroits !
    ça laisse rêveurs !
    Embrassez nos amis les koalas pour nous.

    Vive le côté 2 de tens' des konalalas !

  • Tata Titi
    Je n'ai pas écrit depuis longtemps mais je suis toujours avec grand plaisir
    votre périple.

    Et aujourd'hui, je dois vous dire que je craque pour ce petit koala! Quel
    bonheur de pouvoir observer ces petites bêtes dans leur "univers"!
    Continuez à bien profiter.

    Bises à vous deux.
  • Caliméro  - C'est pô juste
    Bah mesdames, dire que vous trouvez un koala qui dort 20h par jour (tous les
    jours!!) mignon, et que moi ma koala va pas supporter je reste 1h30 sur le
    canapé à regarder France-Costa-Rica...
    Finalement, je voudrais être un koala
  • josiane
    Ca fait plaisir de vous retrouver ! Superbes reportages ! Bises
  • Kevin
    "un koala n’est pas très dynamique : ça dort, ça mange et ça joue
    (parait-il, mais seulement 1H par jour !)"

    Comme MAxime en fait, mais on le trouve sympa aussi.

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