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Chile: the Making-up

Log Book - CHile

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We liked:

  • The mysterious beauty of Easter Island
  • Our 4 days in the national park “Torres del Paine” in Chile. We loved the trekking there and the landscapes, marvelous.
  • Santiago city center. We liked seeing the main place and its monuments.
  • Huavina. We loved having the opportunity to share the daily life of the people from Huavina.


Chile flag

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We didn’t like:

  • Having an “Irish weather” in Easter Island! We were wakening up in the middle of the night by the heavy rain. All the week we had rain showers! It remained us our beloved Ireland.
  • To be thrown away, on the ground, by the strong wind in “Torres del Paine”. I even broke my glasses…
  • Say good bye to South America. We will come back, for sure.


Sounds like an old western movie!

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Best memories:

  • Delphine’s : Friday the 26th of March, the sunset in the Pacific Ocean behind the “Moai”! The colors of thesky, the clouds… It was a magical moment.
  • Max’s : Not easy to choose one! So I would say two best memories. The first, our stay in Curico with Margarita, unforgettable family moments. The second one, Easter Island. The a unique place in the world. And if I could say a third one I would say the first time (of my life) I swam into the Pacific Ocean with a Bolivian who was seeing the ocean for the first time! We were like two children playing in the waves.

Our favorite:

  • Delphine’s: Our afternoon with “Don Juvenal”, a Huavina citizen. A lot of people wanted us to meet him. So we knocked at his door! He was working but he offered us something to drink and we spent two hours talking about a lot for things: his philosophy of life, his meeting with Charles de Gaulle and François Mitterand, his desire to learn French even if he is 70!
  • Max’s: Huavina. The village gave us a lot of things.


People from Huavina, always smiling!

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It made us laugh:

  • Hear Margarita’s brother saying some bad words in French!

It didn’t make us laugh!

  • To wake up at 4AM to tidy up the tent in the dark and walk for more than 6 hours in Torres del Paine to get our bus.
  • Sleep 2 nights in an airport terminal in one week!
  • To be woke up by our tent neighbors very early because they were talking too loud and even singing.

We were surprised by:

  • The “repliqua”. After the earthquake, and during 6 months, people will still feel “mini-earthquake” and we lived 3 of them. Scaring!


One of the numerous sunset we've seen in Chile

A great family

Log Book - CHile

We spent 4 days in Curico before going to Easter Island. This town was really damaged by the earthquake. We found here a very nice family that welcomed us.

Thanks to a friend that proposed us to discover his hotel in Curico, Chile, we decided to stop in this town.

Unfortunately, because of the earthquake there were only 8 rooms available in the hostel on the 30 initially available… But, once again, we discovered how Chilean could be welcomed! They invited us in their house as family members. We spent some days to relax and sleep in a real bed thanks to Isa who let us her bedroom.


In order to thanks everybody (and also because we love it!) we made some crêpes twice. We also discovered the “Chileans Asados” (Chileans BBQ). Margarita invited some friends and family in order to make us discover the “asados”. It starts around 8PM but you don’t start eating before 11PM, everybody is talking loud and we are eating “choripan” (chorizo and bread) and meat. We finished the night by doing “abrazos” (hugs) to all the people. We would like to live this atmosphere when we are back in France!

Thank you to the best family in Curico! Nowwe are waiting for you in France with some cheese!

Ce que notre association va faire pour le village de Huavina

Log Book - CHile

There are no translations available.

Pour voir comment En piste pour le monde va aider l'association Art Sport Entraide et le village de Huavina, vous pouvez cliquer ici.

We will be on the French TV (France 2) this summer!!!

Log Book - CHile


Cristian andJulie working again and again!

SURPRISE ! We kept silence for a few weeks because we were superstitious but now we can spread the word! As it is becoming concrete...

We have been contacted by a production line in order to be part of a future French broadcasting called Envoyé Spécial which will bring 3 backpackers couples around the world into light. Our project of solidary world trip interested them and they wanted to explain how we are traveling. We will be then on the TV programme this summer 2010! For the moment we still do not have the exact date but we will inform you as soon as we know it... We are sorry for the non-French speakers, but you could at least see the wonderful landscapes and people that we met in Huavina.


It is not easy to be journalist, they walk, run, ask questions all day long!

What can we say about the filming session? We worked with Julie (a French-Colonbian journalist) and Cristian (a Chilian cameraman) for 3 days. They filmed our first meeting with Lucie and Sibylle (2 French girls working as volunteers for the association named Art Sport Entraide), our roadtrip to go to  Huavina, lthe meeting with the inhabitants of the village and then our community work. It was a wonderful experience.


From left to Right: Delphine, Angelica, Julie, Lucie, Sibylle, Papa Beto, Sandra, Maxime, Mama Angela.

It's as well a good opportunity for us to make known our association « En piste pour le monde » and to explain concretely what we do when we arrive in a new place to help people (we will post an article to describe what is our help lfor this small village as soon as possible). It's an opportunity to share with our family and friends our daily life during this worldtrip. Our pictures and articles do not describe everything... the movie will show you our life for real!

We are looking forward to being in Summer 2010!

If you want more pictures do not hesitate to click on our  album Flickr.

Huavina, a lost heaven

Log Book - CHile

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Our 6 days trip in the north of Chile made us discovered a little village lost in the mountains in an oasis. Here is what we lived here.

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The village is lost in the valley.

Day 1: arrival in the village

We arrived around 4PM and went straight away meeting the people from the village that were working in theirs antic gardens from the Inca period. Lucie & Sibylle, our two contacts who are also helping in the village, introduced us to the people. We will be in Angelica’s house and his two parents, Papa Beto and Mama Angela. On the evening we celebrated my birthday and talked about the best and efficient help we could bring to the village. We will develop this point in an article dedicated to our mission there.


In the valley

Day 2 : discovering the village.

We were impressed to see all the people working to re build the church destroyed by the earthquake in 2005. Here everybody’s helping and working for the community. Even the oldest people. Herminia is making bread, Angelica is cutting the “canas” to make a new roof for the church, Pedro & Saul are helping to build the church, Papa Beto is working in the garden, and others are going to get wood in order to make bread.
The work from Monday to Sunday!


Day 3: good meetings.

Early in the morning we first met Rodrigo who is working to re build the church. He took us to the nearest villages and we visited one of his friends “Don Luis”. Don Luis is a 80 years old man who is still running from time to time. He gave us his secret to live so long without having any health problem: always having projects and always love.

When we went back from this we decided to walk in the village and let the wind guide us.

We met the Senora Olga who invited us to drink a homemade juice that only people from here knows how to do. It was delicious.

Finally, we met el Senor Juvenal. He is 78 years old and walks every morning in the upper village (1h30 minutes walking!) to buy some provisions. He loves France and even met 2 French presidents. Before leaving him we wrote in his book of memories and we teach him some words in French. We were touched when he told us a shy “Au revoir” when we left him. Even if he is 78 years old, he still likes to learn.

What a beautiful day we lived meeting all those persons who teach us so many things.


An usual birthday!

Day 4: let’s go working

We went with Herminia to pick wood in the forest. To do so we use a “gancha” (a big iron stick). Then we have to gather everything and the most difficult is to transport the wood to the oven! I suffered a lot.

In the afternoon, we went with Angelica to bring water to her gardens following the Inca ancestral method. We were very interested in seeing that method.


Consequences of the 2005 earthquake.


Working in the fields.


It dries under the sun and then it will be used to make a roof

Day 5: Sunday is also a working day!

On the morning we helped Angelica to get “pastos” for her goats and then we joined Papa “Beto” in order to cut oregano. Working in such a good atmosphere was a pleasure.


"Don Luis"  and his book

After lunch, Delphine went with Herminia and her mother to learn how to do bread. Not so easy! Once the it’s done they have to bake it in the traditional oven. Finally we can enjoy the good smell of this homemade bread and think about our beloved French “baguette”!


Not so easy to transport


We had diner for the last time with all the family, Angelica, Papa Beto and Mama Angela enjoying the two hours of electricity by watching the news on TV (they only have 2h of electricity per day…). On the news they only speak about the recent earthquake. Angelica explained us that when they were victim of the earthquake in 2005 they didn’t talk about it on the news and the government didn’t help them as much as he is helping now. It sounds like in all the South America they don’t care about the natives…


Incas gardens.

If you are touched by the village situation and want to do something useful, it’s not too late; you can donate here from €1 and contribute in bringing the electricity in the village. Don’t forget that we give 100% of all the donations we gather to all the causes we defend. Our trip is financed by our personal savings.


I carried the meat for the week !


"Papa Beto"  sorting oregan

copie de dsc_0017

The bakers from Huavina

copie de dsc_0026

And here it is !

Charity work is back - 6 days in the desert of Chile

Log Book - CHile

We are leaving tomorrow for 6 days in the desert in the north of Chile in order to work with a charity and a village called Huavina victim of an earthquake in 2005. They won’t be any news during this time but no worries we wil upload the website as soon as we are back. We will as soon as possible upload new pictures in our gallery and on flickr.

We are currently in Iquique, a town in the North of Chile. This town is stuck between the desert and the ocean. It looks like an old western town.

Iquique, stuck between desert and Pacific Ocean


Sunset in Iquique. We can't stop enjoying this!


Finally, we wanted to share with you our breakfast of tomorrow. Because it’s my birthday, we decided to break the “routine” of the backpacker’s breakfast (usually tea and milk jam with bread…).

So tomorrow we will have Chocapic and milk! And it’s Delphine who’s paying =)


National Park Torres del Paine -Chile

Log Book - CHile

Our trip there was like holidays in our world tour. It was good to be in the mountains and see the nature during 4 days. No noises, no pollution, no communication, only the nature and us. We were shocked, when we got back,  to hear what happened in Chile during our trip there.
We left El Calafate the Wednesday 24th of February to reach Puerto Natales in Chile, the entry point of Torres del Paine, the most beautiful natural park of South America says the Lonely Planet.


First steps into the park.
After we found our hostel, we made some shopping to survive during our 4 days of trekking!
We rent all the materials we needed to camp during 4 days in the Hostel we stayed in. Very good hostel named Patagonia Adventure.



The day after we took a bus to Torres del Paine. We arrived at 10h30 in the park and instead of taking another bus to reach the first “refugio” we walked about 7,5 kms.  It was a good start. After lunch, we walked again about 8kms to reach the free camping in which we will sleep.


Where are we going to sleep?


After a good night we walked about 25 kms (with our bagpacks) to reach another free camping and the landscapes were awesome. What a good thing to be in a quiet place like this one.
The second last day we “only” walked 15 kms as we were a bit tired!

The "Chef" is cooking.


Nothing to say.

The last day we left at 5 AM in order to walk the last 25kms before reaching the place where we could take a bus to go back to Puerto Natales.


Sounds like Ireland sometimes. We miss you Ireland!!!!


No comment :)

Our trip there was very good and resourcing after what happened in Buenos Aires.  We were exhausted after walking almost 90kms in 3 days and a half but it was worth it.
The shower we took when we got back to the hostel, after 4 days without taking any, was the best shower EVER!


To get water just get a bottle and a river.


The sunrise


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