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Huavina, a lost heaven

Log Book - CHile

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Our 6 days trip in the north of Chile made us discovered a little village lost in the mountains in an oasis. Here is what we lived here.

copie de dsc_0149

The village is lost in the valley.

Day 1: arrival in the village

We arrived around 4PM and went straight away meeting the people from the village that were working in theirs antic gardens from the Inca period. Lucie & Sibylle, our two contacts who are also helping in the village, introduced us to the people. We will be in Angelica’s house and his two parents, Papa Beto and Mama Angela. On the evening we celebrated my birthday and talked about the best and efficient help we could bring to the village. We will develop this point in an article dedicated to our mission there.


In the valley

Day 2 : discovering the village.

We were impressed to see all the people working to re build the church destroyed by the earthquake in 2005. Here everybody’s helping and working for the community. Even the oldest people. Herminia is making bread, Angelica is cutting the “canas” to make a new roof for the church, Pedro & Saul are helping to build the church, Papa Beto is working in the garden, and others are going to get wood in order to make bread.
The work from Monday to Sunday!


Day 3: good meetings.

Early in the morning we first met Rodrigo who is working to re build the church. He took us to the nearest villages and we visited one of his friends “Don Luis”. Don Luis is a 80 years old man who is still running from time to time. He gave us his secret to live so long without having any health problem: always having projects and always love.

When we went back from this we decided to walk in the village and let the wind guide us.

We met the Senora Olga who invited us to drink a homemade juice that only people from here knows how to do. It was delicious.

Finally, we met el Senor Juvenal. He is 78 years old and walks every morning in the upper village (1h30 minutes walking!) to buy some provisions. He loves France and even met 2 French presidents. Before leaving him we wrote in his book of memories and we teach him some words in French. We were touched when he told us a shy “Au revoir” when we left him. Even if he is 78 years old, he still likes to learn.

What a beautiful day we lived meeting all those persons who teach us so many things.


An usual birthday!

Day 4: let’s go working

We went with Herminia to pick wood in the forest. To do so we use a “gancha” (a big iron stick). Then we have to gather everything and the most difficult is to transport the wood to the oven! I suffered a lot.

In the afternoon, we went with Angelica to bring water to her gardens following the Inca ancestral method. We were very interested in seeing that method.


Consequences of the 2005 earthquake.


Working in the fields.


It dries under the sun and then it will be used to make a roof

Day 5: Sunday is also a working day!

On the morning we helped Angelica to get “pastos” for her goats and then we joined Papa “Beto” in order to cut oregano. Working in such a good atmosphere was a pleasure.


"Don Luis"  and his book

After lunch, Delphine went with Herminia and her mother to learn how to do bread. Not so easy! Once the it’s done they have to bake it in the traditional oven. Finally we can enjoy the good smell of this homemade bread and think about our beloved French “baguette”!


Not so easy to transport


We had diner for the last time with all the family, Angelica, Papa Beto and Mama Angela enjoying the two hours of electricity by watching the news on TV (they only have 2h of electricity per day…). On the news they only speak about the recent earthquake. Angelica explained us that when they were victim of the earthquake in 2005 they didn’t talk about it on the news and the government didn’t help them as much as he is helping now. It sounds like in all the South America they don’t care about the natives…


Incas gardens.

If you are touched by the village situation and want to do something useful, it’s not too late; you can donate here from €1 and contribute in bringing the electricity in the village. Don’t forget that we give 100% of all the donations we gather to all the causes we defend. Our trip is financed by our personal savings.


I carried the meat for the week !


"Papa Beto"  sorting oregan

copie de dsc_0017

The bakers from Huavina

copie de dsc_0026

And here it is !

Comments (12)
  • samantha

    GROSSE viande quand même!! :woohoo:

    il doit êtres bon le pain !miame miame

    gros bisou

    samantha (oups)
  • Marie  - What a beautiful day...
    Nous sommes aujourd'hui dimanche 21 Mars et je vais passer une superbe journée
    car j'ai vu Delph et Maxou tous bronzés et surtout heureux d'être là!!Et ça,
    cela vaut tout le bonheur du Monde!!Le Chili à l'air d'être un pays magnifique
    se rapprochant un peu du Pérou, non? Bon je vous envoie à vous 2 des bisous
    printaniers afin de mettre un peu de fraîcheur dans votre périple!

    Love you
  • Le Team  - Que du bonheur
    Eh bien ma foi, il semble qu'enfin mon cher Maxou se soit décidé à prendre
    quelques couleurs. Sans aucun doute il s'agit là des bienfaits du travail au
    grand air.
    Quand je dis que la vie en ville ne vaut pas celle de la campagne...

    Très heureux de vous retrouver en forme et avec un super moral.

  • carine
    de belles rencontres, de bons moments, chouette!

    avec les enfants, on a repris : connexions fréquentes, lectures, rigolades et
    commentaires entre nous sur ce qui leur plait ou non. Ils sont fans des photos
    plus que des textes, alors... certains nous font la lecture!

    vous êtes si heureux, si beaux, ça fait du bien.

    La solidarité vous va bien!

    On devrait tous vraiment essayé.

    énormes bisous ensoleillés du Havre où une cabane s'améliore en vous attendant!

  • Hélène
    Et bien, moi qui mets de l'origan un peu partout, je vous envie ! Enfin, celui
    du supermarché ne doit pas avoir la saveur de celui-ci !

    Super pour le reportage, on a hâte de voir ça.

    On vous embrasse fort. Bisous de nous 3.
  • laetitia h
    Comme j'aimerais être à votre place! lol je sais je sais tt ceci ne tient qu'à
    la volonté de chacun..mais comme ça fait rêver de vivre ces journées atypiques
    (chez ns car bien évidemment chez eux c'est le quotidien!)

    Vous avez un superbe teint et des mines à ravir! Vous ns narrez tellement bien
    vos aventures qu'on a le sentiment de les avoir rencontré aussi!

    C'est malheureux de voir que la solidarité n'est pas partout..on leur souhaite
    bcp d'aides..

    gros bisous à vs 2
  • Anetta  - I'm so impressed!
    What an amazing story! You are like Indiana Jones, having adventures in the
    magic places, among magic people who live own happy way.You must feel like in
    real paradise,taking such a good energy and learning about their beautiful
    culture. Being a part of it it's an honour! Enjoy,I wish to be there even just
    for a moment:)xxxA
  • cassandre
    vous allez travailler!!! de
  • Norbi
    :kiss: pour Vous :)
  • PADDY  - Belles rencontres
    Merci pour ce nouveau récit.
    Nous attendons votre retour pour que vous nous fassiez le plein de bois pour
    l'hiver prochain sans oublier de nous faire du pain: il est bien coloré et
    parait meilleur que celui de St Jean.
    Vos bonnes mines sont superbes.
    J'aime bien la photo avec les herbes.

    Bisous à vous 2
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