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The help supplied to Schoemansdal community

I'll run with you - I'll run

It’s been already one year that we have contacted Jade for the first time. Jade is from Capetown and she worked for one year in Schoemansdal hospital. During this year in the community, Jade used to do athletics training with Joshua and the children. They did athletics in poor conditions, but she noticed a lot of motivation in the behaviours of the children and she was determined to help Joshua to train the children in best conditions.

So we worked together for one year now to understand the actual situation and the community needs in order to supply an efficient help.


Joshua, Max and Jade.

These are all the facts about the training conditions in Schoemansdal community:

  • Facilities problems: they run in a grass field, there is no stadium and no track.
  • Lack of equipments: the children run with jean trousers and feet naked. They do not have trainer shoes, tee-shirts and shorts.
  • Lack of financial means to participate to athletics competitions: the children do athletics because they love run but they cannot participate to competitions because it costs a lot (participation fees + bus tickets). As they do not go to the competitions, they lose their motivation to train regularly.

Why do Jade, Joshua and we want to help the children continuing to do athletics?

  • Because athletics is a mean to teach them good values: the respect, the solidarity...
  • Because if the children spend their time after school doing athletics, they won’t do bad things after school (like drink alcohol, smoke, take drug, or do crimes).
  • Because athletics is a good way to forget the daily tough reality.
    The children with their new equipment.

So this is how En piste pour le monde decided to help:

- Supplying sport equipment to the children: we bought 20 pairs of trainer shoes, 20 pairs of socks, 20 water bottles and 20 shorts. We will send us by post 20 tee-shirts « En piste pour le monde » with the name of their athletic club printed in the back. We would like organize as well a clothes collect when we will come back to France.

- Giving a name to their athletic club: they did not have an athletic club’s name. So we suggested them to find a name in order to feel themselves part of a real team and give them the motivation to run with their club every day. They were very proud to call their club «Inkhululeko Ngetinyawo Athletics Club», which means « Freedom by foot » in Siswati.

- Creating a bank account: we opened a bank account with Jade for the club. With this account, Joshua could pay bus tickets and participation fees for the children. They will be able to go to the competitions. We only put 2000 rounds on the account for the moment, but our aim is to complete this bank account thanks to all generous European people!

- Providing athletic magazines and coaching books: it will help Joshua to train the children. Joshua is really curious and interested in the different ways of train people. He seemed to like a lot the exercises suggested by Maxime (these exercises were very funny and the children loved them). We also will send to Joshua a training schedule made by 2 athletics coaches (one Irish and the other French).

This is a family from the community.

To finish, while these 4 days in Schoemansdal, we had the opportunity to visit the village and speak with a few inhabitants. We saw the several difficulties of the community like the VHI, the poverty, the unemployment (almost nobody has a job, they only feed their family thanks to their own gardens), the alcohol issue, drug and criminality. So we cannot be insensitive in front this sad reality. We already have a few ideas in our mind in order to help the community, but nothing concrete for the moment. We thought about setting up art crafts workshops to sell the products in France. It could be a good opportunity to create employment and economical activity in the area. We talked about that with Jade, she thinks it’s a nice idea. But we need time to organize this project. We will write another article on our website as soon as the things are more concrete.

A huge thanks to all the people who gave donation to En Piste pour le Monde, thanks as well to Philippe and Jim Kidd for the athletics exercises (the children loved them !) and thanks to Jade and John for being our guides during these 4 full days!

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