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The help supplied to Helderberg Sport Academy

I'll run with you - I'll run

It’s already been one year that we exchange emails with Lewellyn. And we met him at last for real a few days ago! Lewellyn is someone passionate by athletics, and more specifically by the road running. He is 29 years old and he spent his childhood in Macassar, in the Helderberg basin. HSA was establish in 1999 when it become apparent that children in the helderberg basin and community did not receive adequate or correct type of sport coaching. The Academy has a motto: “training is winning winning is a way of life” to all children irrespectively of their ability to pay.

Lewellyn started to run in HSA club in 1999 and then he suggested to open another HSA club in Macassar to help the children from his township. They started to set a new HAS club up in 2005 with John Samuel.


Lewellyn and John work together for 5 years to coach the children. Their main focus is road running, race walking, track and field and cross country. With sport, they try to prevent the following issues: substance abuse and child abuses (especially with violence in the home, they offer a safe and healthy environment to vent their feelings through sport).

With their daily work in narrow collaboration with the school and the police, they already saw an improvement: there are less child abuses, less violence and less substance abuse in Macassar.

We have been in touch with Lewellyn thanks to the webpage called « Sporting Chance ». And during our few days spent in Macassar, we determined the different ways we can help Helderberg Sport Academy. Here is the list of how we can help and support HSA:


  • Paying the subscription fees to Western Province Athletics. It’s 341 rounds per year and it’s enable to be consider as a real athletics club in their area and to participate to all the athletics events.
  • Supplying sport equipment to the children: we will send by post pairs of trainer shoes, pairs of socks, shorts and tee shirts for the children. We just need the sizes (Lewellyn will send us a list with all the sizes of the children) and then we will send them by post the sport equipments as soon as we collect all the clothes needed.
  • Creating a bank account: we opened a bank account with Lewellyn and John for the club. With this account, they could pay bus tickets and participation fees for the children. They will be able to go to the competitions. We only put a few rounds on the account for the moment, but our aim is to complete this bank account thanks to all generous European people!
  • Providing athletic coaching advices: it will help John and Lewellyn to train the children. They are really curious and interested in the different ways of training people. So we will send them a training schedule made by 2 athletics coaches (one Irish and the other French).
  • Helping in the communication area : Lewellyn told us that we would like to have a webpage for the club. We created with him a blog called In which they could add articles and write all the updates concerning HSA club. We explained them how to update the blog and we could help them in the future if they need more technical advices. Unfortunately for the moment, they do not have digital camera. But we promised them to send them one (even a second hand) as soon as possible.

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