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The Huichol community

I'll run with you - I'll run

Our project « en piste pour le monde » was born a year ago in our mind. The project has known a lot of change thanks to a lot of people we have met since we started. We listened to a lot of advices from people who knew a lot about charities and how to help.



We think it will continue to change in this way in order to help in the best way the people we are going to help.

That’s exactly what we had in mind when we met the « Huichols ». For the moment, we have to put on hold the “athletics” side of our project with the Huichols. After the visit we discovered that they don’t have any sport installations to do any sports. We will organize that later on.

During our week in the « Cebolleta » (name of the place), we observed a lot and talked a lot with the chief of the community in order to bring the best and the most concrete help possible.

Here are the main facts:

The school :

  • The food: the teacher told us that there are a lot of children that came to the school without eating before. The school is from 9 AM to 2 PM so some of them don’t eat until 4-5PM. We cannot really imagine make them do sport without eating before. For information, the Mexican government to help the children give them 1 liter of milk per month…
  • Lack of equipment: each pupil doesn’t have an exercice book a pen or a book to learn. The teacher will send us a list to tell us their needs.
  • Lack of clothes: they need more clothes. In fact when there it’s cold they are all sick because they don’t have the clothes necessary to fight the cold. When we were there a lot of them were sick because of that.
  • Health need: there is no medicine in this community, or in the school. For example, a child fell down when we were there. His knee was hurt and he had to walk more than 1 kilometer to get to the school…Off course his only way to get better was “time”. He has to be patient. Once again, for this reason, this is difficult to imagine developing the sport now.
The village and the « Huichol » community:


  • Lack of knowledge in areas. For example, they would need a doctor, or an electrician. They have the intellectual capacities to learn those areas however they don’t have the money to finance the studies.
  • An economic activity to develop. Now, their only way to make money is the Huichol arts and crafts that they sell on different markets.


Following the information we got we decided to do that:

Short term (6 months):

  • Give to every child the material necessary to go to the school and study normally. We bought 45 exercise books and 60 pens and pencil colors. They will receive all this stuff before the end of the year 2009. We are waiting for the teacher’s list to complete.
  • Give an economic help to the community. In order to use this ‘help’ in the best way possible for the community they scheduled a meeting with all the people from the village. As soon as they will decide how to use the money they will tell us and we will tell you!

A medium term (1 year):

  • Create a webpage to sell the arts and crafts Huichol in France, and in the same time, give us the opportunity to develop this economic activity and get more autonomy.
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  • Organise a collect of clothes.
  • Organise a photo exhibition to sell the pictures and send the money to the community.

Long term (1 – 2 years):

  • Sponsor one child or several children in order to send them to the nearest city to study. So that all the community could benefit from the knowledge of the student. Indeed, in the Huichol community each student comes back after his studies. They don’t want to stay in the city, they always come back in their mountains.
  • Build a canteen for the children so that EVERY child could eat at school and study better.
  • Develop athletics because they have capacities and would be very good athletes!

As you can see, the most important for us is to help the community in a concrete and efficient way. We rather support local initiatives than have ambitious projects that won’t take into consideration essentials factors of the local context, economical, social and environmental.

Once again a big thank you to all of you to make this possible for them! We will regularly update this page to inform you about our actions.


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