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Australia the making up

Log Book - Australia

australie itinraire

Our itinerary in Australia

We liked:

·    The baby wallabies’ head watching out from their mother belly! Very funny.

·    The road form Cairns to Townsville, very beautiful with the mountains, the tropical forest, the cane and the bananas.

·    The fruits. Passion fruits, bananas, pineapple… So tasty!


·    Our jogs on the Cardwell beach. Very wild and quiet.

·    The people who spontaneously talk to you about the weather or other stuff.



We didn’t like :

·    They way the treat Aboriginal people.

·    Many of the Aboriginal art shops belong to non Aboriginal people…

·    The cold nights in the desert.

·    To be weaken up by a ranger because we couldn’t camp where we were!

·    Mosquitoes’ war!

·    We couldn’t help a community…

Best memories :

·    Delphine’s : our first night on Magnetic Island where my professional future appeared to me like a “revelation”! I am thinking of it.

·    Max’s : my first diving experience on the Great Reef Barrier! What a chance.

Our favorite :

the desert of central Australia without a doubt

It did’n make us laugh!

·    All the flying insects I swallowed during our trip to the desert. I may talk too much…!

·    The Jokes of Marie & Romain met in Alice Springs.

We were surprised by:

·    All the Aussies travelling with pride with their country flag.

·    To have public barbecue everywhere. Cool!

·    To learn that Australia was the driest continent.

·    The “wild side” of Australia. We didn’t expect that.




Pas si facile de trouver des associations à aider

Log Book - Australia

There are no translations available.

Nous quitterons l’Australie contents d’avoir découvert de nouveaux paysages mais frustrés de n’avoir pas pu aider d’association. Après la scène que nous avons vue à Alice Springs, et qui nous a montré le traitement que pouvaient recevoir certains Aborigènes, nous voulions absolument aider cette communauté. Notre aide sera restée un rêve. Après des mois de contacts avec l’association de Cathie Freeman, nous avons obtenu son autorisation pour aller les aider sur le centre de Palm Island (une île que les Australiens « blancs » ne recommandent pas parce qu’elle est peuplée d’Aborigènes…).

Cependant, nous sommes restés sans réponse du centre sur l’île. Ce n’est pas faute d’avoir insisté ! Mais rien. Ce sera pour une autre fois, assurément. Même si, jusqu’alors, nous avons toujours trouvé des associations ou des communautés à aider, il n’est vraiment pas facile de trouver des lieux où notre aide sera la bienvenue. Même avec Internet et la magie de Google. Il y a bien les « grandes » associations, mais elles n’ont jamais vraiment souhaité travailler avec nous.

Et puis, notre volonté est d’aider les communautés laissées pour compte, que personne n’aide. Voilà pourquoi en Australie, En Piste Pour Le Monde n’a rien pu faire !

Mais nous allons nous rattraper en Afrique du Sud dès vendredi en allant rejoindre une communauté qui a besoin d’aide pour structurer un projet sportif. Ils ont la volonté, les athlètes, la pêche, il leur manque juste quelques moyens pour mieux se structurer. Voici quelques photos des enfants de cette communauté, pour vous donner une idée.





Walibies !

Log Book - Australia

Here is a short movie to introduce you to the Australian Wallabies! These small animals come every night closed to the campground (where we slept in Alice Springs) because they know that their supper is waiting for them easily: the campground reception sells for 1 dollar a food bag to offer us the opportunity to spend a nice moment with the wallabies. It was a great moment!

2 days in Magnetic Island

Log Book - Australia

I am sitting below a coconut tree on the beach of Townsville (the capital of North Queensland) and I want to share with you the nice experience we had in Magnetic Island… We spent 2 days on this island where an eucalyptus forest occupied more than 80% of the land! And in Australia, the word “eucalyptus“ goes always with KOALA. That is why we decided to visit this small island located at 8 kilometers of Townsville’s coasts.

The 19th of May, 6:00 am : After a noisy night (as we slept in a rest area for truck drivers), we woke up early in order to take the first ferry to Magnetic Island. Our backpacks were well prepared (we decided to pass an overnight in the island and leave our van on the car park of the ferry company) and we were ready for 2 days of walking in Magnetic Island. Our plans were: 30 kilometers on foot, discovery of the wild beaches and the Australian wildlife.

7:30 am: we arrived on the island with a small problem: Maxime’s backpack licked, the bottle of water emptied in his bag! So we had been obliged to put all our stuffs on the ground when we were in the quay to let them dry under the sun. All the people were looking at us… At least, they laughed a lot.


8:30 am: we started our bushwalk after having bought a new bottle of water (it’s essential with this tropical climate). We lost our way for 45 minutes in the forest, but it was a good opportunity for us to meet wallabies in their natural environment…

12:00 : we arrived to the campsite!

2:00 pm : To the beach! We spent the afternoon in Horseshoe bay with a wonderful weather. The only thing frustrating in Australia is that you cannot swim wherever you want: there are water stings and crocodiles. So you have to swim inside the area limite by a net.

5:30 pm : We assisted to a very nice sunset on the beach.


Then, we spent a nice evening drinking a beer at the bar and eating the«backpacker’s favourite meal »: pastas! (I should have count how many kilos we ate duirng our worldtrip!). Then on the way back to the tent we met a couple who said “buenas” to us. We answered them “ola” with a big smile, so happy to hear Spanish. Then the women took me by the arm and asked us if we spoke Spanish. We said “yes” and discussed about 20 minutes in Spanish with 2 persons from “El Salvador”. It was such a pleasure for us to speak this language we haven’t heard since we left South America.


Thursday May the 20th, 7.30AM: the birds wake us up pretty early. So we went for a walk where, apparently, we could find Koalas! After one hour, still nothing. We still enjoy the walk by watching the beautiful bays. Suddenly, I saw a little grey thing in a tree. It was a Koala! I called Maxime who was walkinf in front of me and we enjoyed this moment, watching this little koala sleeping in his tree. He was pretty cool and relax. Apparently, a koala can sleep 20hours in the same day! Then he eats and plays a little bit.

3.00PM: we went back to the ferry bay by walking 8kms with our bag pack.

We really enjoyed those 2 days in Magnetic Island in the middle of nature. We felt a real freedom feeling!

For more pictures of Magnetic Island, click here.

Great Barrier Reef from Cairns

Log Book - Australia

We could not miss the opportunity to see the Great Barrier Reef by coming to Cairns. Everything here pushes you to go there. And apart from being the departure point to go visit this natural wonder Cairns doesn’t offer you that much interesting thing to do. After doing some research to get the best deal we could find, we have chosen to go with Ocean Spirit. Romain, Marie and I we decided to get the offer with the diving initiation and Delphine didn’t want to do it.


Ready to dive!

The Ocean spirit’s staff was really great and made our diving experience unforgettable! Besides, we had a great lunch on the boat. And we had the chance to dive together with Romain & Marie. So it was really unforgettable to discover the under marine world, we even had the opportunity to see Nemo (clown fish). While we were diving, Delphine had the opportunity to discover the corals and all the fishes.


Here's what you can see just by snorkelling

Finally, we were a bit disappointed as we only had the opportunity to do once the diving and once the snorkeling and we had to go back to Cairns. So, if you really want to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef you’d better take a 2/3 days excursions.

Did you know it? Larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

Now, if you want to see some picture just go here! (We will upload them as soon as our internet connection is faster!)

Central Australia

Log Book - Australia

Central Australia, Uluru, Kings Canyon… We didn’t know one of those names before going to central Australia. Now we can tell you that we will never forget them because it was a wonderful trip we lived there. The silence of the desert and the beauty of the natural landscapes made us love our 5 days in the desert.

Day 1: Alice Springs here we come!

We took our plane in Sydney to reach Alice Springs. As soon as we arrived we were seeking a car to rent. By doing so, we met to French guys: Marie & Romain. We discussed a bit a realized that we were going to the same places at the same time so we decided to share a rent-car. We had our first night in the tent in the Australian desert and we could feel the cold of the desert nights!

In Alice Springs we also saw the misery of the Aboriginal people and the way the “white men” treat them. We saw an Aboriginal trying to steal a bottle of whisky while we were at the supermarket. The men quickly catch him and beat him in front of us. They even asked him to be on his knees to ashamed him. That was awful and we will never forget this moment as we were literally shocked.


Marie & Romain.

Day 2: Holy Uluru

On the second day we discovered the biggest rock in the world in Uluru. Ayers Rock is 3,6 km long and rise a 348m from the surrounding sandy scrubland (867m above sea level).
We walked around “the rock” during 3hours and discovered Aboriginal sacred places. We could imagine how impressive this culture of more than 40 000 years old still is. We were disappointed to see that there were no Aboriginal people guided the tourists. Only white men. Who could possibly guide better than the Aboriginal on their own land?

At the end of the day we enjoyed the sunset on the rock. A really unforgettable performance.


Extraordinary Ayers Rock.

Day 3: The Olgas.

We got up at 5AM to enjoy the sunrise and what a landscape!
Once the sun rise we could warm ourselves and get a breakfast. Then we went to Kata Tjuta (The Olgas), a striking group of domed rocks cluster together to form small valleys and gorges. Kata Tjuta means “many heads”. We went walking through the Valley of the Winds which offered us wonderful view of surreal boulders.

To end the day we headed up to Curtis Spring a free camping area where we were allowed to make fire. So we went with Romain in the surrounding desert to find wood fire. We made a very agreeable fire and cooked pastas in it (well, we didn’t find any kangaroos while hunting!).


In every moment of the day the show is different.

Day 4 : Kings Canyon.

In the morning, after making fire to make coffee, we went in the direction of Kings Canyon.
After 400kms in the desert, without seeing anything but wild camels, we discovered the canyon which is one of the most spectacular sights in central Australia.
We walked in the Kings Canyon Rim and discovered the Oasis Garden of Eden.


Original morning cofee!

Day 5: Already the end.

We had 4 wonderful days in Central Australia. The landscaped are from another planet and allowed us to feel the magnificent Aboriginal Culture. In Addition, we met people again and had the chance to share great moments of happiness with other people.



Log Book - Australia

Sydney city was a wonderful stop of our trip. We did like a lot this town where we could feel a good atmosphere. It seems to be a very nice place to live:
- The parks are plenty of runners and couples in the public benches.
- The architecture is unique with Harbour Bridge (one of the biggest bridge of the world), the House Opera (his shape is very unusual and it’s very spectacular), the quays above the ocean (the city is becoming bigger and bigger thanks to the quays built above the water), the business areas plenty of sky towers, and at last, the old areas where the European settlers used to live at the beginning of the colonization (these streets are very pretty with old buildings and paved roads.
- The attraction park, called Luna Park, is very nice: this park was built in the 30’s.
- The sand beaches are only at a few kilometers of the city centre which is a good solution to escape the urban noises of Sydney for the weekend.

To conclude, if we would have one year to live abroad, I think we would choose Sydney as our new “home”!

During our 3 days trip in Sydney, we walked a lot to discover the city from a side to another. We did enjoy our walk along the quays where we could admire the well-known House Opera. We walked as well over theHarbour Bridge (it was very impressive to walk here, we felt very small indeed on this big bridge!) .We passed across the Botanic Garden when the night was falling: it was a weird moment for us because we did not know that there were bats everywhere in Sydney… During the sunset, we could hear them screaming and flying above our head… their size was impressive (they are 3 times bigger than in Europe).  We were like in Gotham City!
After this nice trip in Sydney, we have a flight to Alice Springs, in the heart of Australia… where we plan to camp and walk… another adventure is waiting for us!

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