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In the Starting Blocks

How do we feel before a world tour?

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

We wondered a lot of times this question during the last past months. And today, we get the answer: We feel so bad and terrified!

We are afraid of traveling far away. Even if every body tells us that we will have fantastic memories, at the moment to say goodbye and to go away, we are not confident anymore!

Of course, what European people said to us during the last 6 months (to be careful, to not trust people too much, etc…) has a direct consequence: we feel scared. Nevertheless these bad comments have been made by people who never traveled!

worldtour athlet-8803

Picture: Jean-Pierre Sageot

Measuring up

We are also afraid of not being able to provide help to the disadvantaged communities as we would like to. And what if we don’t manage to help them? What if it is too complicated?… so many questions in our brain before the departure!

The website

Regarding to our website, will we be able to update our log book regularly? Will we know a big success with the « blog community »? It’s not the most important anyway. The aim of our website is to make known the causes that we defend and update our « log book » as well to share our feelings during the trip! We still need to improve our skills in montage area. If “professionals” in montage area are reading this post, you are more than welcome to give us some tips… !

Is there someone behind the screen?

Every body can add a comment on our posts! So don’t hesitate, we would be pleased to read all your comments. It’s a pleasure every time we read a new message from readers… Don’t be shy, we will answer to your comments as much as we can. Why not starting right now on this last article of «in the Starting blocks »

It’s your turn!


World trip following by children

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

And there it is! A new step in our project “En piste pour le Monde”. We won’t be alone during our trip because we will be followed by several schools in our county.

3 different schools we follow our trip.

2009.11.05 - fontenay1

Children listening to young travellers!

2009.11.05 - fontenay2


All the different pupils will follow us through our trip around the blue planet via the “log book”. They also will send us questions via email about the countries we will visit.

We will do our best to satisfy the curiosity of all the pupils and try to share with them our passion of travelling and sharing.

See you soon guys!

Delphine & Max


Farewell Party

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

Our first event organized in the name of "En piste pour le monde" foundation has known a big success in Normandy. It was yesterday in the Stadium called Temple du foot in Petit Quevilly. Around 100 people were here: soccer players and supporters, adults and children.

It was a good occasion to say goodbye to everyone: families and friends. We are touched by people's generosity. This sporty event enabled to raise money before our world tour and to make known again our association in Normandy.  This enthousiasm and mobilisation touched our hearts.

You can click Here to see the pictures of this wonderfull farewell party.

Reportage sur France Bleu Haute-Normandie

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

There are no translations available.

Ce matin,  un reportage de 2 minutes est passé sur les ondes haut-normandes de France Bleu.  Merci à toute l'équipe de France Bleu Haute-Normandie pour sa sympathie.


fichier audio à venir (en cours d'enregistrement)

World Tour preparation

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

Yesterday we went to Paris to visit our capital before going to visit a lot more during our world trip but also to go to the “Vieux Campeur” and to the pharmacy.

After getting our vaccination against DT Polio, Typhoid, Hepatitis A and yellow fever we needed some medication against the malaria.


Tour du monde solidaire: le reportage de France 3

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

There are no translations available.

Et voici le reportage que France 3 a diffusé sur notre projet humanitaire "En piste pour le Monde" qui nous fera faire le tour du monde dès le 20 Novembre 2009 ! Merci à toute l'équipe de France 3 qui a vraiment été très sympathique.

A couple's round world trip

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks


A lot of people asked us if we would be able to travel over the world alone. As we created a foundation, it wouldn't be easy to do it alone because we needed a lot of energy and motivation.

Being 2 is a good way to prepare our worldtrip, we can share the different tasks. We also have different skills to built this kind of project,  each of us has his own qualities in different areas.


Thank you!

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

challenge logo

logo art sport cafe

emag logo 2

logo em normandie quadri.jpg





We wanted through this article thanks all our partners. They decided to help us despite the “crisis” and thanks to their help our project is much stronger than it was.


A solidary and sporty party!

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

Hello everybody,

We are organizing a party "En piste pour le monde" and we need to know how many people would be interest to participate, you can read below all the informations needed :

When? the 14th of Novemberfrom 6:00pm (our last Saturday in Rouen before our departure to Mexico!)

Where? In the Temple du foot in Petit Quevilly closed to Rouen.


What? A private party in the name of the association En piste pour le monde.


World Tour D-30

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

And that’s it ! The big day is coming up for us !

D-30 is giving us the opportunity to publish our first newsletter! If you didn’t subscribe yet to our newsletter you can still do it now on the home page at the bottom right beside the logo of Facebook & Twitter. You won’t miss anything by subscribing!

D-30 is also the time for us to ask for help. We initiated the project because we had strong beliefs in helping others. But we never thought we would manage everything by ourselves, we had a lot of help from you guys who are following us, helping us selling T-shirts or doing graphical stuff for us. So thank you!


Some news of the charity side of the project

Log Book - In the Starting Blocks

We are back from Ireland since the 4th of October and we are preparing our departure. The majority of our time, we are looking for sponsorship for our charity and trying to communicate around the project.

So here are the two news about En Piste pour le Monde:


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