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The Huichol community

Log Book - Mexico

We already explained in a former article what we did during a week in the Huichol village. Now, we would like to share with you a few anecdotes. We think it’s a good way to understand their culture.   

The fire: a Huichol man explained us that the fire is sacred for them. It is like a communication media with their Mother Earth. He made the comparison between their fire and our Internet network, he said that it’s their communication media and a mean to be connected with all human beings. He said briefly, « it’s like Internet without cable ! ». This comparison was funny but it explains well the importance of the fire for them.


The skirts of Huichol women : these skirts are not wearing because it’s feminine. These skirts are used like an image : the Earth is waering a « skirt » which protects all its inhabitants (the skirt represents: the trees, the grass, the ground, the water, the mountains). The skirt of the earth is like a real protection. The Huichol ladies are wearing a skirt, like the Earth, to protect their children, it’s like a maternal protection.

Childbirth : the Huicholes are giving birth in their village without any doctor. There was a time where they used to go to the nearest city, in a hospital. But the doctors sterilized the women in order to limit the development of the population.

Exclusion : the Huichole community is ignored by the government. Some people even thought they didn’t have a soul.


The age of the oldest person of the village : this anecdote is very touching. That is why I would like to share it with you. The first day we arrived in the village, I took a seat closed to the oldest person of the village. I asked him how old he is. He answered me that he doen’t know. He showed me then his electoral card with the date 1993 writted on it and his age: 55. I told him that he was between 71 and 72. He laughed then ! It was really touching for me.

Naked feet children: they explained us that the children in the village walked with their feet naked not because they are too poor to buy shoes but only because they need to communicate directly with the Earth. Being in constant contact with the natural ground is a way to be protected by their Earth.


The Coca-Cola : it’s easier to find a coke than a bottle of milk in the Huichol mountains Frown

Comments (5)
  • dieumegard
    trop cool, je peux aller vivre la bas, il y a du coca et des vans volkswagen !!!
    la classe :cheer:
  • cassandre
    ça à étais bien dans le car à t il étais joli ça va gros bissou de la classe de
    mr savary
    Le non respect des êtres humains et de leur histoire !!! Pour le fric :?:

    Rien de nouveau, il reste des photos :!:

    Est ce que ça laisse réfléchir ???
  • Mexikatzin  - Iniciación como Guerreros.
    Estas son las palabras que los ancianos les daban a los jovenes guerreros cuando
    iniciaban su lucha por hacer un mundo mejor, dedicado a Maximme & Delphine:

    Para tí no habrá sol.

    Para tí no habrá muerte.

    Para tí no habrá dolor.

    Para tí no habrá calor.

    Ni sed, ni hambre ni lluvia,

    ni aire, ni enfermedad, ni familia...

    Nada te causara temor

    todo ha terminado para tí,

    excepto una cosa:

    El cumplimiento de tu deber

    en el puesto que has sido asignado,

    ahí te quedarás

    para la defensa de tu tierra

    de tu gente, de tu raza...

    (Nación Yaqui)

    Atte. Mexikatzin.
  • Anonymous
    Quelle grandeur d'âme de vouloir perpétuer le peuple Huicholes car que de
    difficultés rencontrées
    Comme le monde serait plus simple plus généreux plus humain si nos politiciens
    n'étaient pas si corrompus...honte à eux!
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