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Where to sleep?


Do your backpack

Travel Insurance




Research :

articlesOur first step was to look up the websites and blogs made by people. You have frank and honest points of view by reading them. Besides the pictures are, most of the time, AMAZING! It’s useful to know in which country you can actually go or not. Those websites are giving very good advices. By reading those blogs our passion of travelling has been growing up.


- Books :
Here the list of the books we read if you are interested (sorry guys, 4 of them are in French)

  • « J’ai rencontré des gens formidables » – Gérard Klein.
  • « Voyager autrement » - Boris Martin.
  • « Pour voyager autrement » - Françoise Perriot.
  • « 1000 places to see before you die » - Patricia Schultz.
  • «The 4-Hour workweek» – Tim Ferris

- Websites blogs (sometimes in english too):

- Travel guides :

We have chosen to buy Lonely Planet as it seems to be the best travel guide. Stingy tip : We asked those guides as presents for birthday, Christmas…!

Itinerary :

planisfereIt’s not an easy thing to decide. However the long chat you could have about this itinerary will make you dream. If you want to know more about the itinerary you can go on our itinerary section.



Where to sleep?

  • Couchsurfing: The CouchSurfing Project is a free, Internet-based, international hospitality service, and it is currently the largest hospitality exchange ... It’s a really good way to meet people from the country you visit. Who else can be a better guide?

  • Young hostel: We are used to them as we have travelled a lot in Ireland. Again a very good way to sleep cheap and meet good people! Besides, you can cook your own food, yummy!

  • Van: We plan to rent a van in Australia and NZ as it would be a good solution to travel, sleep and cook in the same place. On the road again!

Budget :

Before planning this kind of project, you have to have an idea of the costs. You cannot plan a world trip without planning your expenses. Here is our forecast, click here to have a look on our estimated budget spreasheet.


Do your backpack :

sacadossiteIt's not really easy to make a list of all the things that we will need during 8 months. We tried to imagine all the possible situations  to know what is really necessary for this adventure. We decided to bring with us all the  equipments listed in the spreadsheet called ''equipment''. (do not hesitate to lick on equipment to have a look on our list)


Travel insurance :

With our gold credit card we are covered for the first 3 months. Now we have to find another insurance company for the 5 months left. We’ll update this part as soon as we found our insurance.


Vaccine :

vaccinsPolio vaccine: 3 doses with one month period between them.

Typhoid fever: 1 dose. The doctor has to check after 15 to 20 days the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Hepatitis A: 1 dose with booster dose.

Yellow fever: 1 dose at least 10 days before leaving.

Please note that this is subject to the countries you are visiting! You can go here to get more info.


Visas :


- Latin America:

Europeans don’t need visas to go less than 3 months to Mexico, Argentina, Chilli, Bolivia or Peru. A valid passport is enough.

- Oceania:

If you are French you don’t need a visa for a touristic or business journey of 3 months maxi in New Zealand. A valid passport is enough.

However, all the travellers, except those from New Zealand, need to get a visa or a travelling authorisation before going to Australia. To get a visa you can go here:

- Africa:

Those who have a French passport don’t need a visa to go to Africa if they stay 90 days maximum. Nevertheless, a visitor’s permit will be delivered at the border when you enter the South African territory. Apparently, to get this visitor permit you must have a blank page available on your passport…If there is none, you can get a fine of 5 000 ZAR.

If you are French you don’t need a visa for Namibia if your trip doesn’t exceed 60 days. You have to have a valid passport at least for the next 6 months from the date you enter the country.


Tickets :

p1090670We have chosen to go with the French agency “les connoisseurs du monde”, based in Paris. The prices are very competitive and the guy knows a lot about travelling and can give you very good advice about the country you go to, visas, vaccine, security…




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