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One project: Making our world tour useful by helping the people we will meet.


Two people, two ideas: Delphine & Maxime. The altruism & the passion of sport.

  • 1st idea: Helping communities around the world. In order to do so we have contacted some local foundations.
  • 2nd Idea: Promoting Athletics to all the children we will meet in the foundations. Giving the opportunity to a child to be helped by our foundation in order to continue doing athletics. We will start this world trip by being two and hopefully we will gather a lot of people around our passions.


Principle: Doing a useful and original world trip. We have created a charity association called « En piste pour le monde » which will be involved in local community projects, both on financial and human sides.


Our goal: Our approach is definitely off the beaten track, since we plan to travel towards new cultures and people through athletics and bringing our help to local foundations.

  • On the associative side, we will get involved into local projects, financially and humanly taking part to them.
  • As far as sport is concerned, we plan to organise athletics training sessions with children to help them to put aside their daily routine.

One sport: Why did we choose athletics? This question is worth answering. This sport is the number one Olympic sport and certainly the easiest sport to practice! All you need to do is running! It is probably the most popular sport in the world: who never goes running? The aim is to use athletics to go and meet people. When we share the same passion, we speak the same language. We will try in our way to use this sport in order to make people talk about our charity association and our project. The more Medias talk about us, the easier it is for us to raise money for local projects.


The objectives:

  • Giving our hand to local foundations.
  • Proving that sport is playing an important role in each country we are travelling through.
  • Bringing sport in general in the spotlight without restraining it the professional sport we are used to listening on the radio or watching on TV…
  • Proving that sport is a universal value.
  • Showing that such projects are able to bring people together


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