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It started when we were still children…

My Mum asked someone to prepare my astral plane. It said that I would travel a lot! The only problem is that I am afraid of travelling by plane. We were all sceptical about this prediction. He, for sure, had made a mistake somewhere… Finally I would take the plane for the 1st time at the age of 24 to come to Ireland!

In the meantime, Delphine was living a peaceful childhood in Rouen (Normandy, France). She usually heard her grandparents telling her that she was made for travelling when she was trying out to speak her first English words. Delphine doesn’t like to make people wrong. So she went travelling! First step, Dublin on the 1st of June 2007.

Ireland was like a revelation for us. It was the beginning of our love story with the world.

As our life in Ireland goes along, we have met all the people that gave us the travelling feeling !

Our colleagues come from all over the world… Argentina, Mexico, Chilli, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa… Ireland is a melting pot. And because every time they talk to us about their country, we are going crazy, that's why we decided to see some of their countries

The only problem is that Delphine wants to see Argentina and I want Africa. How the hell are we going to find a deal? We were looking for a job for which you can earn 100K€ a year by working only 1 day a month so that we can have time to travel. I am afraid to tell you that this kind of job doesn’t exist… Well, we didn’t find any!

So what can we do? Let’s give us time to think about it.

As we have time, we Google “World Tour” on every search engines. And we have found a lot of amazing blogs about people who are travelling around the earth. Amazing. It’s actually possible to save some money, leave your job and go travelling!

We are aware of the chance we have to come from Europe as we can actually travel around the world and make our dream come true. We decided to do a different world tour. A world tour where you can give something to the people from the country that is welcoming you. We wanted to bring what we can bring to the people we are going to live with for a period of time (money, time, help…).


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