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Delphine BREUIL – 23 years old.


Current position: Accounts representative and Stand-in Team Leader - in Xerox, European headquarters in Dublin, IRELAND.


Sports: Badminton, jogging, gym and Tag Rugby.


Motto: ’The Past is History, the Future is Mystery, and Today is a Gift. That is why it is called Present.’’ Master Oogway.

A little bit more details about Delphine, by Maxime :

Qualities : Enterprising, brave and sincere.

Defaults : Uhh… can I say moaner?

Briefly : Delphine impresses me every time by her determination, her curiosity and her willpower which enable her to make very great and exhaustive efforts.  Delphine does like Benjamin Franklin used to say : « speak little, do much »!

Basically Delphine is dogged, dynamic, full of life and demanding with herself (and even sometimes with myself as well!). These qualities will be more than useful during our worldtrip...


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