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Machu Picchu - Last episode

Log Book - Peru

3rd episode (and the last!):

It was 12:30 when we took the road again to Hydroelectrica. According to our estimation, we were supposed to arrive to Cusco at 8:00pm… And it was a good estimation because we were waited by a musician from Ecuador in a pub fo a concert in the city center at 9:00pm.

Everything was going well during our 2 hours of walking on the railway track. It was just raining during 1 hour but we were well-equipped and we reached Hydroelictrica in the estimated time. On the way, we met a lot of walkers, like us, who chose the «economical option»!


In Hydroelectrica, we just waited for 5 minutes before taking a "taxi-van" to go to the nearest city (Santa Teresa). The price was good, the road was good as well, everything seemed to be perfect! We found another taxi to go to Santa Maria (the last city before the long way back to Cusco). We were happy to see that our estimations became reality; step by step we managed to be closer to Cusco.

We arrived to Santa Maria at 4:00pm… We were already dreaming at a hot shower, a tapas bus, a pisco sour and a nice concert! But our dreams disappeared very quickly… Instead of 4 hours of bus, we spent 20 hours in the bus!!! It was the worth journey since we are traveling in South America, we are explaining you why:

5:00 pm: a long queue of cars and buses were blocked on the road to Cusco. Daniel, our bus driver, announced us that the road was impassable because of a waterfall which crossed the road. According to him, the only solution was to wait for a better weather… We waited for 1 hour in the bus, it was a good opportunity to speak with Argentina people in our bus. Finally, a few bus drivers decided to be brave and go through the waterfall. The 2 first vans crossed the river successfully.Daniel asked us to sit down because he was determinate to cross the waterfall… We were all afraid (and what if the bus does not cross the river??? With the power of the water we could all die!). Daniel tried to reassure us saying that it was impossible (we were not so sure). We were all panic-stricken, we closed our eyes, some of us said a prayer, but a few seconds later we were in the other side of the road, safe! All the passengers shouted for joy! We survived!!!



6:00 pm: a second time, a long queue of cars and buses were blocked on the road… Same scenario: everybody was asking what was happening? It was not a waterfall but a rockfall at around 20km farther. They announced us that the road won’t be cleared during the night. We had to spend the night in the bus waiting for the machine to clear the way. Fortunately, there was a small restaurant and a shop were we bought a hot dish (adios tapas… L). We left again at 6:30 am, after a night in the bus not so bad (we were so tired that we fell asleep very quickly).

D+1, 7:00 am: we drove only for 30 minutes before seeing a HUGE queue of cars (the worse ever seen, and it’s not a joke). We saw a bus stucked in the middle of a river. Around 30 men were helping to clear the road again. We spent one hour and a half in this place. What a joy when we saw that the road was cleared!


We finally arrived to Cusco on Monday at noon. We hurried up to choose a young hostel and take a shower… and guess what, this shower was cold! (Sometimes it’s tough to be a backpacker!!!)

Comments (2)
  • Le Team  - Ma vue baisse !
    Ouais, y a pas de doute, j'ai la vue qui baisse; j'ai beau chercher, je ne vois
    pas la route sous l'autobus dans la rivière.
    Sinon ^pas de regrets à avoir, c'était un concert de Amy Winehouse, elle était
    " pas en état :X ", elle avait annulé à la dernière minute :D
    Bah, il faut parfois des bas pour mieux apprécier les hauts.
  • Anonymous
    C'est Pékin-Express votre histoire...on ne s'ennuie pas à voir les participants
    mais vous alors on ne s'ennuie pas à vous lire...
    Bonne semaine!
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