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Lesotho – Part 1

Log Book - South Africa

We arrived to Bloemfontein to see the soccer match on the 22nd of June (France – South Africa). But as we had a few days before the « big game »  we dediced to rent a car and discover the area. So we went to Lesotho for a week. Lesotho is a small country located in the heart of South Africa. The inhabitants of this country are named the « Basothos », they have their own language (called Sesotho), their own king and their own money (the Maloti). We wanted to discover this country because it is very wellknown for its wild landscapes and its huge mountains. We really loved this week in Lesotho, it was just fantastic.

The Basotho landscapes.

Day 1: A visit of hand craft workshop

Our first day in Lesotho was really short, we only had time to collect our rental car, pass through the border, do some food shopping for the week and discover the capital of the country, Maseru. We had the time as well to visit “Lesotho Design”, a hand craft workshop where women of a small village make weavings. This was really interesting to visit this workshop and gallery, we could learn the all process of Basotho weavings. We loved their work. Apparently, it can take them more than one month to realize a weaving! It was really impressive.

The exhibition room.

A woman working on the workshop.

Day 2: A stressful road trip from Maseru to Semonkong

We had been told that the road between Maseru and Semonkong was difficult to drive on with a small car like we had rent. But we tried anyway to go to this place (lots of people told us it was a wonderful place, we wanted to see it!). Actually the road was really stressful and tiring, it was a real adventure to arrive to Semonkong without damaging our rental car: we drove 70 kms on an unsealed road under the snow. We took one hour more than the estimated time to arrive to our lodge. We were relieved to arrive to Semonkong Lodge without damages.

We spent the rest of the day walking around to discover the village and buy some stuffs agains the cold like pairs of gloves, coat for Maxime and a blanket for Delphine (Basotho people protect themselves against the cold and the wind with a blanket, their blanklet is part of their culture, it’s a real social symbol).

The small village.

Day 3 and 4: Horse riding and trekking around the Maletsunyane falls
The Lodge where we slept organized evreyday horse riding and trekking with a guide from the village. We did the both! We spent a good time in the middle of the mountains, we met a lot of people working on their fields, looking after their cattle or simply doing their daily tasks (laundry, cooking, etc).It was interesting to be guided by local people who could explain a little more about their culture and habits. We learnt as well a few words of Sesotho (Hello is « Dumela »). The falls were really impressive. These guided tours in the middle of Basotho landscapes are, once again, unforgettable for us.
The Maletsunyane falls.

Our evenings spent in the restaurant of Semonkong Lodge were very good as well: seated closed to the fireplace, we watched the world cup games at TV with our neighbours of the dorm (Australian people, Japanese and American, they were all very friendly). The owner of the lodge told us when we arrived to Semonkong that she was fully booked on Wednesday and that we will have a « Big surprise » on Wednesday night if we go to the restaurant for a drink. She seemed really stressed and busy preparing her lodge for the « Big Day ». We supposed then that she was waiting for an important guest. We tried to guess who was supposed to come and sleep in Semonkong on Wednesday with our roommate: a president? A soccer team? Shakira? …
Maxime will reveal you the name of the mysterious guest hosted by Semonkong Lodge in the next post!
Comments (11)
  • laetitia
    et ohhhhhh! comment osez vous faire ça à des grands curieux! allé
    siou plait la suiiiiite! (à tt hasard ça ne serait pas un d'chez nous pas très
    poli??) bon on attend la partie 2! viiiiiiiite! gros bisous
    Salut à vous 2.
    D'abord, merci de nous faire découvrir ce nouveau petit pays: les habitants font
    de bien belles choses.
    Mais je tenais à faire un commentaire sur le Jour 2: la couverture est également
    utilisée chez nous, toute saison, par "Anonyme", lorsque nous sommes
    devant la télé. ;)
  • Anonymous
    Moi je sais!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    et cette fois-ci je signe
  • Le Team  - Y a pas de mystère !
    C'est sûr, y a pas de doute, ce sera personne de l'équipe de foot de France;
    après la prestation de cet après-midi ils vont se faire tout petits les bleus.
    Il était même question qu'ils rentrent à la nage.

    Si y en a qui veulent en adopter un c'est le moment; personne n'en veut plus !
  • Babeth  - LA suite
    Et alors la suite.... c'est y pas Nicolas A.... qui n'est pas rentré en France
    ou DOME... pour se ressourcer

    Vite la suite

    A bientôt
  • Momo
    Et Maxime ... t'endort pas pour la seconde partie ... Delphine en a trop dit ...
    il nous faut la suite
  • Hélène
    Alors la suite ?!?
    On a hâte de savoir !
  • Anonymous
    le roi du lesotho???
  • Lie
    je tente quand même: l'équipe de foot sud africaine????
  • Lie  - curieuse, moi?
    hâte de lire la seconde partie.... vite vite! je veux savoir!!! à très
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