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Charity Associations

We have found already some local partners (foundations in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and South Africa for the moment). We will help them in their daily work to help the local community. This page will be their page. They will introduce themselves here. They will tell you what they do and why! We will publish the content as soon as possible.

Tierra Segrada
Martina Jade

My name is Martina Jade. I am the president and the founder of the charity association “Tierra Sagrada”. enfantmexrosalioMy name in Huichol is USAYARI, which means “the one who helps and can see further”. My passion for Indian culture took me one day to Mexico. So I decided to go and discover a totally different world with my backpack, at 50 years old, without knowing exactly where I was heading. It was a really big surprise, and it was better anything I could have dreamed of in Mexico, especially when I met the “natives”. They taught me everything about nature, humility and the harmony between earth and humans. These populations are underprivileged. Their only resources are their arts and crafts, which I decided to sell to their benefits, in order to make those crafts know in France. What a beautiful exchange!
Our charity is helping in different ways. We are helping them distributing their products in France, and enfantsmex2promoting them. We are also helping them by supporting their children, allowing them going to school. Our main project is to buy a plot of land in order to build a school for children that are abandoned by their parents and for very poor families. The school will provide them with an education by teaching them Spanish as well as their customs and culture. In other words, this school intends to offer them a better future. On another hand, our association is also organising solidarity tourism tours. This kind of tourism is a kind of travelling which directly benefits the local population. This also encourages the encounter between tourists and natives. Although comfort is not optimal, the encounters between these people are worth it. (website of the foundation - France/Mexico) (Fairtrade Tourisme in Mexico)
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Sacha Wawa
Peru - San Martin
Christine and Tecer

The charity Sacha Wawa has several goals, among whose preserving the species of animals tapirand vegetal in the area with the help of the local community, and helping children to go to school. The association owns a plot of land in the Amazonian forest in Peru in the Estate of San Martin, district of Pongo Caynarachi, at the KM 65.
Every day, trees are being burnt and cut down. Nowadays, roads and fields are taking over the forest. The consequences are huge, like the extinction of several animal species and the exodus of the tribes who are living in the forest, that are forced to move. logo perouSometimes they even disappear! We do have to do something, and quickly. Amazonian forest is the lung of the earth but is also the place where a lot of endangered species are living. Our association is protecting those animals and offering them a place to be protected against hunters.
We also want to open a school where all the abandoned children can come and learn everything about how to protect the forest and its inhabitants. It will also teach them customs of their ancestors. Christine & Tecer are also organising solidarity tourism tours.The charity Sacha Wawa peru can welcome any person interested in discovering the Amazonian forest. The house is made out of woods and leaves, there’s no electricity because we are living with the cycles of the sun.

sacha wawa english

Schoemansdal community
South Africa
Jade Pincus and Joshua Sibiya

Joshua is devoting his time to coach primary and high school learners from the surrounding schools in the community in athletic activities. img_08521Such activities include road running, track running as well as muscle strength exercises. The learners participate in athletic activities every day after school hours as well as on the weekends. Joshua does not receive any remuneration for the coaching he provides and is merely volunteering his services in order to facilitate the achievement of the learners’ personal goals and promote positive and adaptive participation for them. Joshua is a major role model to these young people and he takes pride in enabling each and every learner to realise his/her potential and overcome difficulties which to some may appear insurmountable. Joshua is currently training approximately 30 learners from various schools of the Nkomazi Region of Mpumalanga. The Nkomazi region in particular is a poor area in that the majority of community members are underprivileged, living under adverse conditions and lack sustainable resources. They are, however, a unified society and make ends meet surviving off the natural resources of the area. img_0853

The learners are extremely talented, enthusiastic and eager to participate, however, there is a lack of prolonged commitment as they are faced with various barriers. These include, to mention a few, limited resources such as running shoes; training clothing; funding for transport to sporting events and funding for entry to various sporting events. It has become immediately apparent to me during training that by providing the learners with an athletics curriculum, will limit their involvement in high risk and maladaptive behaviours after school hours.

afrique du sud 1


South Africa
Pascal Holliger

The "new South Africa" is experiencing a globally successful transition towards being a fully imbevwu photo 2fledged democracy after the horrors of racial segregation and apartheid rule (ended in 1994). The “Rainbow Nation” impresses by its dynamism, diversity and immense potential. However, a majority of South Africa’s population still lives in poverty-stricken conditions, a socio-economic legacy of apartheid and a challenge that the current government is finding difficult to address. High crime rates, uncontrolled urbanization, extreme income and skills inequalities, poverty and high unemployment, malnutrition, alcoholism, and the scourge of HIV-AIDS (officially affecting 11% of the country's population) are but some of the daily challenges facing youth in the townships (ghettos under apartheid) and rural areas. In 2003, 46% of South Africa’s population was living below the poverty line and 33% of the population still lives today on less than USD 2. - per day.imbewu logo

IMBEWU is a non-profit NGO founded in 2001 through the encounter of people from South Africa and Switzerland. Its aim is to initiate or coordinate sustainable participative projects, working with local communities of the Eastern Cape Province to create conditions, which will enable South African youth from disadvantaged communities to envisage a future of equal opportunities and success. The activities of IMBEWU are currently benefiting more than 1000 young South Africans.

imbevwu photo 1IMBEWU facilitates community empowerment with the aim to alleviate suffering and restoring dignity in disadvantaged communities of South Africa through effective child & youth focused educational, health, sports / culture and volunteer programs.

Bénéficiaires - More than 2600 vulnerable youth and children between 6 and 20 years old.

Area of intervention - The townships of South Africa(Eastern Cape Province).

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Lewellyn De Wee

South Africa

“Training=Winning=Winning A Way of life”

helderberg logoWho we are
Helderberg Sport Academy are the only Athletics sports club in the Helderberg basin, with a difference. HSA was establish in 1999 when it become apparent that children in the helderberg basin and community did not receive adequate or correct type of sport coaching. The Academy with its motto “training is winning winning is a way of life” to all children irrespectively of their ability to pay.

HSA Vision/Mission

  • At Helderberg Sport Academy we believe that sport is a helderbergvital tool to bring social change amongst the youth.
  • To meet the needs of any child, especially from disadvantage backgrounds. We hope to bring the best potential out in any child as swell to equip them with the necessary life skills to enrich their lives.

What do we Do

  • Together with Sport we addresses the following issues.
  • Substance abuse
  • Child abuse: especially with violence in the home, we offer a safe and healthy environment to vent their feelings through sport.

helderberg 2How many Children do we reach

Weekly Coaching =40 athletes per day
Life skills Wednesday Program= 80 children
Weekly =120 children
Monthly we reach a total of 480 children


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