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Thanks for the T-shirts:

Today, our sale of T-shirts is equal to more than 80% of our foundation budget and it would have been impossible without Challenge International’s help which offered 200 white printed T-shirts (as partnership). A big thank you as well to E-mag for going along our project and providing financial help for the creation of our 150 other black T-shirts.

Once the T-shirts delivered, we had to sale them. And to be honest, it is not always easy to find buyers for 200 T-shirts. So thanks a lot to our families and friends for spreading the word and being such amazing salespeople! In particularly, thanks Vincent and Taiyo because they sold more than ¼ of our stock within 1 hour. A big thank to Monique (my mother-in-law!) and Chantal (my mum!) for finding a lot of buyers. Thanks so much to Aurélie, Fabien, Hélène, Aurélien, Marie, François, Guillaume, Julie and Carole. Last but not least, thank you to all the 200 buyers who wear the T-shirts « en piste pour le monde » in their daily life.

Thanks for the website:

This is a long story but we would like to thank Célia for her talent and for the creation of our website. Thanks a lot for your availability, your involvement and your quality work. Thanks also to Marek, her boyfriend, for being patient when we overburdened Celia with work! Thanks Flàvia and Sébastien for your precious advices about all the Google tools. Thanks Maxime J, Noémie, Kevin, Delphine P., Messaouda and Pierre for double-checking and correcting our texts in English and French.

Thanks for the help in our partners research:

Thanks Emilie, who fell in love with our project and did not hesitate to talk about it to all her acquaintances in order to help us in our partners and foundations searching. Thanks Colette, Erick (my dad !), Chantal (my mum !), Monique (my mother-in-law!), Bernard (my father-in-law!), Vincent, Virginie, Jean-Marc, Didier, Anthony, Carine, Alexandre, Rafouf, Anne, Jean-Michel, Jean-Pierre, Marie-Hélène and Mister Bruyant for having shared their acquaintances and boosting our project.

Thanks for talking about us:

Olivier is our ‘’Mister Communication’’. His help has been vital to make known our project ! He has started to speak about us by writing an article in the Business school of Normandiy newsletter. Then he has written our press pack. Big Thanks Olivier! We would like to thank as well Isabelle Dalle, Benoit Anger and Carine Guibbani respectively Responsible for public and press relation, Manager Marketing and responsible for the network of school graduated people. They made known our foundation by using all Medias at their disposal. Finally, thanks Céline Bruet from Paris-NormandieNewspaper for her article which increased the number of visitors in our website and enabled to speak about us in our region.

Thanks for the help from athletics people:

Thank you Louise, Vincent, Christelle, Alex, Jim and every people of my athletics club in Ireland for supporting and believing in our initiative. A huge Thank you to Romain Mesnil and Patrick Montel, the first one for agreing to support our project and to write our editorial, the second one for his good advises and his availability. Thanks FFA and its communication / marketing department for spreading the world. And then thanks Athled team for letting us speak on their forums.


Thanks for the donations:

Thanks a lot to all the donors for their generosity and their big heart.

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